Waterdown-Sassafras Woods Plan

Management Plan for Waterdown-Sassafras Woods Heritage Lands

Management Plans for the Clappison-Grindstone Heritage Lands and Waterdown- Sassafras Woods Heritage Landshave been developed in order to provide a cohesive and holistic management framework for the partner-owned properties. Community and stakeholder engagement was an important aspect of this plan development and implementation. The final Management Plan for the Waterdown-Sassafras Woods Heritage Lands (January, 2017) is included below. Drafts of the Management Plans were reviewed by a Steering Committee, Stakeholder Advisory Committee and by members of the public who provided feedback at two public meetings. Thank you to all those who volunteered their time to provide feedback on this plan.

For more information please contact Peter Kelly, Coordinator, at 905-527-1158 x225 or

Waterdown-Sassafras Woods Management Plan - FINAL, January, 2017 Waterdown Sassafras Woods Management Plan Final January 2017

Waterdown-Sassafras Woods Heritage Lands Inventory, Opportunities and Issues Report

Below you will find the Inventory, Opportunities and Issues final report for the Waterdown-Sassafras Woods Heritage Lands (October, 2015). This report provides a thorough inventory of the natural heritage, recreational and cultural resources of the partner-owned lands, and identifies their respective management issues. A nother report provides land classification and zoning and present management recommendations.

This report was reviewed by the Steering Committee and Stakeholder Advisory Committee for the Clappison-Grindstone and Waterdown-Sassafras Woods Heritage Lands Management Plans. Feedback was also provided from the public at a meeting held on November 17th, 2015 at the Royal Botanical Gardens.






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