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Cootes To Escarpment EcoPark Factsheets

Free On-Site Consultation

Stewardship Award Program

Pollinator Gardens

Riparian Buffers

What you Should Know About Online Ponds

Invasive Plant Species Management


Partner Resources

Environmentally Friendly Pool Drainage 

Conservation Halton Landscaping and Tree Preservation Guidelines (The appendix includes a great list of locally occuring native species)


Other Resources

Invasive Species

Managing and Controlling Invasive Plants in Ontario (Ontario Invasive Plant Council)

Landowners Guide to Controlling Invasive Woodland Plants (Ontario Invasive Plant Council)

Quick Reference Guide to Invasive Plant Species (Ontario Invasive Plant Council)

Garlic Mustard (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry)

Garlic Mustard (Ontario Invasive Plant Council)

Giant Hogweed (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry)

Giant Hogweed (Ontario Invasive Plant Council)

Dog Strangling Vine (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry)

Dog Strangling Vine (Ontario Invasive Plant Council)

Periwinkle (Conservation Halton)

Phragmites (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry)

Common Buckthorn (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry)

Common Buckthorn (Ontario Invasive Plant Council)

Japanese Knotweed (Ontario Invading Species Awareness Program)

Native Plants

Grow me Instead Guide

Plants that Attract Pollinators (Pollination Guelph)

Native Plant Database (Evergreen)

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