Free On-Site Consultation

In order to foster ecological stewardship and conservation on privately owned lands, the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System offers free on-site consultation service. A stewardship technician will meet with you on your property to address any questions or concerns you may have about the natural features of your property. This is an opportunity to share information about your goals and objectives for your property and to learn about things like:

  • the plants and animals that share your land
  • tax incentives and funding programs that may be available to you
  • protection and enhancement of natural forests
  • ecologically friendly pond management
  • habitat enhancement or creation projects such as pollinator gardens
  • protection and enhancement of habitat along streams
  • managing activities in and around water wells and septic systems
  • managing invasive species
  • riparian habitat enhancements that improve water quality and reduce erosion 

During the site visit our stewardship technician will listen to your concerns about the natural environment. The technician will make observations about the health of the natural features of your property and will suggest a variety of management techniques for your consideration that can enhance or improve the state of your property. Our technicians will follow up with a letter and information package to assist you in meeting your land management goals.

If you decide to undertake a habitat rehabilitation project on your property, your technician can draft a plan for the work to guide you through the process. Your technician will remain available to you by phone, email or in person if you have additional questions or new issues that you would like to discuss. They can also direct you to other natural resources management professionals that you may wish to contact.

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